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Implementing Partners

Creative Associates International Logo Creative Associates International is a private firm providing professional and technical services. Creative is the second largest company owned by women that works with the U.S. Government. Overseas, Creative works with underserved communities by sharing our expertise and experience in education, governance, stabilization, and transitions from conflict to peace.

Through its Education for Development division (Ed), Creative has provided children, youths and adults with accelerated learning, school reform and development, teacher training and has helped build capacities for retention, participation, access to and equity in the classroom, particularly in conflict and post-conflict environments.

Creative will implement the pilot in Tajikistan. Creative is currently implementing another large USAID education project in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan – the Quality Learning Project (QLP). QLP is improving educational access and quality in primary and secondary education through the application of modern teaching and student assessment methodologies, the active participation of teachers in curriculum development, and the use of transparent and efficient school management systems. The broader goal of QLP is to prepare students for successful lives and livelihoods in Tajikistan’s emerging market-driven economy.

Mathematica Logo Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. (MPR) brings knowledge and skills that include developing standards for reviewing evidence of effectiveness for the U.S. Department of Education across numerous topic areas, and extensive experience conducting rigorous impact evaluations of dropout prevention programs in the United States and of educational interventions internationally.
School-to-School Logo School-to-School International (STS) has conducted project-impact evaluations, student assessment and educational research projects for USAID. Over the last 20 years STS staff has managed innovative school-based interventions to improve access and retention.
KAPE Logo Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) is a well-established education NGO with extensive experience in effective dropout interventions, such as Child-Friendly Schools, community engagement, inclusive education, minority education, curriculum and classroom enhancement, gender equity, employment readiness, and remedial support for struggling pupils. KAPE focuses on ensuring educational access and quality for marginalized populations at the highest risk for dropout. During the last three years alone, KAPE has been significantly involved as a field implementer of seven major projects in the education sector, with a variety of funding sources including USAID, USDOL, UNICEF, the Asia Foundation, and others. KAPE is a founding member of both the Child Friendly School National Steering Committee (which is headed by the Minister of MoEYS) and the NGO Education Partnership (an umbrella grouping of all local and international NGOs working in the education sector).
Care Logo CARE International has been a recognized partner of the Ministry of Education in Timor Leste since 2001, participating on the National Priority Working Group for Human Resources, the Minister’s National Education Advisory Board, and the Working Group for the development of the new official curriculum for grades 7-9. To improve educational quality and relevance, CARE is producing a magazine series (Lafaek) in a popular, bilingual format, designed to reach Timorese students from grades 1-9. Produced by a Timorese team of writers, artists and graphic designers, the magazines seek to strengthen the relevance of the school curriculum, providing clear links between school subjects and Timorese reality. CARE has excellent working relationships with other community-based NGOs such as ETIS, ETDA, CDEP, Ba Futuro and the Alola Foundation.
IDEAL Logo Institute for Development Education and Learning (IDEAL) is the registered name in India for the Centre for Social Justice, a network of law centers responding to human rights issues including the rights of women, minorities, and other vulnerable groups. In addition to providing legal support to secure the rights of vulnerable groups, CSJ takes up public advocacy campaigns, identifies human rights violations and serves as a watch dog for human rights abuses, and provides legal education and training. IDEAL provides financial and other management support for the implementation of SDPP in India, in close coordination with QUEST.